Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Because of a movie.

Right in the middle of the arid path of life, with endless hectares of time surrounding, a man and a woman found each other because of a movie. He was walking alone, she instead was walking by the hand of a tall man of very kind eyes. Lack of kindness had the lonely man, who didn’t stop the lurk at her eyes while walking the path. Nothing mattered but to watch her. Soon destiny began to quake and the kind man disappeared in the mont. In the middle of the telluric movement she was captured by the lurk. 

Like experimenting, strangers to themselves, they looked at each other and something arose, right in front of a death tree that could give birth to fruits. He though that rarity was a synthesis of the impossible being possible. She just found it fascinating. Together they walked toward the horizon and shared their worlds. They accompanied each other placidly discovering north, south, east and west. They admired each other. With the sunset arriving he pronounced “I love you”, she replied “I love you too”. He dared to say “I need you”, he came close to her small lips and kissed her. She corresponded to the kiss, but not to the word. She let his hand, like acknowledging something he could not. From the mont in the distance, the kind eyes of her man were shining. He was coming back to take her again. 

The lonesome man there stayed, still, with nothing but pencil and paper. It rained and snowed, there were windy sands and extreme heat. He stayed there for entire days writing to her, waiting for her.
She came back without her man. She kissed him, she touched him, she said the most beautiful things he ever heard. In front of a sunrise they hold their hands again, but when he was ready to march, she remained stationary. While stationary time started covering them on sand. Some days the hands were travelling their bodies, some other days hands were empty of intentions. They knew they would eventually walk again, but they didn’t know when.

Time after that, on a fine evening, deviating themselves from the path, she invited him to her room, next to a river. There they embrace each other until a fusion. He tried to eat her meat, realising this was already marinated by other body. He didn’t desist. He used his word, she used her vulnerability. They loved each other, they desired each other… they knew they would eventually forget each other, but they didn’t know when.

In the arid path of life, 
with endless hectares of time,
a man and a woman find each other because of a movie. 

He ask her; “Did you liked it?”.
She says “It was fun”.
Credits are being shown, 
the ‘special thanks’ are being written.