Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I have a crush.

I have a crush on blue skies, on clouds ascending and sunrises.
I have a crush on how easy chords can sew themselves on a human soul.
I have a crush on how powerful can a word be, on the ideas that make me exist.

Ultimately, sometimes fortunately, I have had a crush on you.

I have embrace you as I embrace the blue of the skies.
I have helped you to lift as the clouds have taught me.
I have ascended with your windy energy.
I have listened to your chords, you have heard mine.
I have written you and talk to you in the most powerful, yet subtle ways.
I have embrace your ideas, I have revise your ideals, I have taken the best out of it.

Nothing really ever happened between us while everything was happening; as nocturnal creatures we gave ourselves to the nights and we left ourselves in a night. As nocturnal creatures, we disappeared with a sunrise, and now in the daylight we are invisible.

But if I think of you, how could I possibly sit on sorrow?

A bright smile, a cinnamon skin.
Pair of arms that serves as catharsis for your enthusiasm.
Powerful hips, delicate hands, black eyes.
Powerful in verb and in standing on a side,
powerful in metaphor and obviousness.
Powerful on self-destruction and inner encouragement,
a mixture between a sarcophagus and a leafy tree,
like who knows when to be death, and when to be life.

Tell me, my crush, tell me this today…
If the world falls apart tomorrow,
wouldn’t you want me to be in your life for a last day?