Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I’m right there,
like who prepares himself to a sunset on a total cloudy day.
Like who craves for a rain above blue skies of summer.

And you’re right there,
giant and naked on my atmosphere,
leaving subtle traces on my body, on my hands…
that today are needing you as they’ve never needed you before.

Run, my love,
run away because this ins’t our time…
Run away before this love detonation reaches you with its radiation.

I’ll be right here, seeing you running, embracing the explosion…
Managing and sometimes understanding why to love means at times to sacrifice.

Let’s be brain.
Let’s be reasoning.
Let’s… we…

Because your nipples are threatening
the insomnia of my tongue.
Because our lips aren't listening.
Our hands aren’t understanding.

…and If we don’t stop them, who will?.