Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ode to the sun.

Dear sun, finally the time have come to see you shining until the last breath of this day. How wonderful, the clouds have let you shine once again, and have disappeared on the blue of our atmosphere. My dear sun, you have been my companion since the day I realised you were there, so patient of waiting for me to realise your presence. And you, above all, you that have shone over my skin with such power since I was a kid running on the mont, until today receiving you every day in my motorbike, you that have given me the greatest afternoons with the warmest wind, the greatest mornings with most musical birds, and the greatest noons with the green of the trees at its most saturated point. You above all knows, how happy I am today. How complete I feel today. You’ve seen me growth, you’ve been my inner, you’ve remind me everyday that beyond the atmosphere there is an universe of posible scenarios of unique codes and infinite numbers. My dear sun, I wanna thank you. I wanna thank your fidelity, your compromise on being here everyday. Today I embrace you, as the kid I was once, that used to wait for you awake since 4 am. Today I wanna thank you… to thank you because you’ve never left me alone. You’ve giving me the greatest times for reflection, for cry and inner joy. You’ve given me a time to look to myself, to look for myself, to enjoy myself within you. My sun, to you, a total and absolute thank you.