Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Perpetual, your timid gaze at my eyes.
Perpetual, your fragrance surrounding my senses.
Perpetual your silence, your heavens.
I’ve been falling in love with you, with your vessel.

Confronting the challenge of constructing on your seas,
I have found uneven grounds, I have found some rotten seeds.
But as perpetual my intentions, perpetual your disposition,
perpetual my love, my sentiments with precision.

Pedalling the bicycle, wandering on this circle.
Pedalling my love working in this circus.
Juggling with my words your orgasms, your impetus.

Don’t let me fall from the rope,
do not break my somnambulism.
Because I have tied hands,
with knees on the ground,
drinking, savouring your limbo.

My love, my great love, my delirium…
I have tied hands, knees on the ground,
ready to be your perpetual martyrdom.