Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Walking to my motorbike I have seen the moon shinning shyly on its half. I have always appreciate the sunlight, but I always had a predominant attention to the night. There is something moon offers that sun doesn’t; the possibility of looking at the universe with nudity, an universe underexposed. Sun shines so much that serves as a camouflage for the universe in our atmosphere, we see some blue, some white clouds, but the night show us the truth; the emptiness of the space. The real distance to the stars. When I was a kid I used to have this fascination on that fact… my hometown was a place where the moon used to shine as I have never seen it shining anywhere else. The lack of urbanisation around, together with a Sunday where the city were facing a total blackout was the perfect scenario for the moon to diversified itself into any object of the surface. I remember myself standing outside the house, standing in the shadow the roof of the porch used to provide, and I can clearly remember the white dithered light hitting the garden. Sometimes I will climb the window of my parent’s room to get to the roof of the house, and I’ll lie there, using it as a floor, amazed of the hundred stars above me. In my room, I used to sit for hours in my bed reading the “Atlas of the universe”, learning, at a very young age, how the stars die or how far we actually were from the moon. I used to ‘hunt’ Mercury passing by in front of the sun at a very early morning. Facts that the book I was reading used to provide me, little secrets that only the 1st world could know. 

Tonight I feel this way for you, my love. I feel I have left the sunlight of your presence and I have surrender to the night. This night that in its darkness shines more certainly, this night that provides me an inevitable and wonderful truth; you’re much more than a blue atmosphere, much much more. You are the infinite, the unimaginable distance to constellations, the sobriety of the moon. 6 months ago the clouds were asking me about you… today they don’t even bother, because my love have travelled already an immeasurable distance at the speed of light, because my love have become the light itself. On the darkness of your universe, among unreachable celestial bodies, I can travel anywhere, I can shine and I can bounce over any surface, planet, comet, dust; anywhere. With your hand holding mine, with your eyes looking at my face, with your lips on my belly, with your legs on my shoulders, anything I once learned as a kid today have solidify. Thank you for allowing yourself being in my life this way. Thank you for being much more than the atmosphere, for providing me with verity.