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We live in a world of walls… what if we push them?

I learnt something about justice when I was in my 1st year of High School. Back in the days intimidation wasn't something labeled as bullying, but I suffered at times from this, sporadicly. There was this classmate of mine which had a crush on the same girl I had a crush on... this friendly, popular girl that smiles at everyone. So this guy and I didn’t have the greatest relationship ever, however we used to spend some time together, because we were both very unnoticed in the school. We used to fight over silly things, I don’t even remember one specifically, but I remember the relationship was always uncomfortable. 
One morning, outside the classroom, within the recess time, I was with few friends, talking. This guy comes to me to be annoying as always and ignoring him was always my weapon. I was maybe even afraid of raising my voice, but back then when I was bullied, I couldn’t really frame myself fighting with anyone. To fight requires to be angry, with life, with oneself, and I …