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On how I did earn the English language...

1. Connect with yourself, find a mobile.

I had to learn English because I moved to study degree in a different country, which din't speak Spanish at all. I arrived to Malaysia knowing in English only how to introduce myself, and when I saw the path ahead, I panicked and I thought "I will never learn"

I started the English course from level 4 after passing the introductory exam... I did not know how did I actually ended up in a 4th level, but well, there I was, frequently lost in class. I never thought on learning English because I never saw the need on speaking other language, but when you can't speak, you can't be yourself, and I was craving to. In the class I always wanted to participate, but I was too shy, and whenever there was a group of classmates talking I wanted to be there, make jokes, what a normal David will do.

I couldn't easily find myself within this -by then- weird language, but in Spanish I was always outspoken, I loved talking and making jokes…

An idea of climate change.

Why is it the media so alarmed because Donald Trump does not care about climate change? Since when are they so comitted to this subject anyways? I have an idea of climate change; I love aviation... but, you know what truly kills our atmosphere beyond our companies on the ground? The engines on the aircrafts. Since 1999, CO2 emissions from international aviation have increased 83 per cent. This accounts for 4 to 9 % of the total climate change impact of human activity. This won't change, because it sustain a chain of unstoppable monsters.
I'll give an example to get worry about; In this moment of apogee for saving the planet, in this times in which the magnifying glass is being used everywhere to spot where the environment it's threatened, Airbus and Boeing -leaders in the aviation industry-, have only concentrated on developing aircrafts that reduce fuel consumptions for the airlines. Paradoxically, although airlines want to pay less for fuel, a part of the industry survives …