An idea of climate change.

Why is it the media so alarmed because Donald Trump does not care about climate change? Since when are they so comitted to this subject anyways?
I have an idea of climate change; I love aviation... but, you know what truly kills our atmosphere beyond our companies on the ground? The engines on the aircrafts.
Since 1999, CO2 emissions from international aviation have increased 83 per cent. This accounts for 4 to 9 % of the total climate change impact of human activity. This won't change, because it sustain a chain of unstoppable monsters.

I'll give an example to get worry about;
In this moment of apogee for saving the planet, in this times in which the magnifying glass is being used everywhere to spot where the environment it's threatened, Airbus and Boeing -leaders in the aviation industry-, have only concentrated on developing aircrafts that reduce fuel consumptions for the airlines.
Paradoxically, although airlines want to pay less for fuel, a part of the industry survives from the companies that sell the fuel... Shell for instance, provides not just fuel, but engines! Statistics provided by Boeing says that since 1959 until 2015 there were 713 million flights. And, just to imagine the monopolistic environment, 506 millions of the 713 were from Boeing!
Billions of dollars among very few. The monopoly just provide us a clear image of how comfortable it's the investment in what it's killing us instead of investments for the urgent change of aviation.
Why do you think the working on aircrafts capables of not damaging the atmosphere it's so impossible? let's not believe it is because we don't have the current technologies! 
On average, there is 100,000 flights per day. Can you imagine how many Roll Roys or General Electric engines are in the air right now? (just to name few), can you imagine how much fuel Exxon or BP are selling there? Do you think they will ever stop such fountain of capital to experiment on new ways of flying?
Without fuel, what airlines will over charge us for?
Tell yourself a truth, when such power, which year by year growth more massively, affects in such way the global warming, what can you do? We must first unveil the realities in order to make a change. Media, don't come to me with the tale of planting a tree and recycling... do some proper journalism and wake the world up if you truly want! 
I say... let's wake up first.

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