On why I don't stop consuming meat.

When I was a kid, me and my family went on holidays to the beach, we sat at a restaurant which displayed how did they kill the lobsters... their scream being killed never left my mind. I don't consume sea food, that experience shocked me forever. I don't think sea life belongs to us, by nature, we aren't sea creatures... so I don't see how we have the right. Now, to my double moral, it seems to me normal the killing of animals in the same ground of us... it makes me question myself, it always does. Where does my moral, my judgment, stands?, why is it one thing right and not the other. Perhaps I need to see a pig, a chicken, a cow, being killed that way live, in front of me, for my brain to never forget it the way the lobster didn't... I can't conceive my sandwich without ham, a lunch without red meat, I simply can't... anything outside that does not evokes hunger on me. The benefits are undeniable; nutrients, vitamins... iron, zinc, red blood cells' auxiliaries... I wish I could have the courage, to truly live a life saving the planet, but I keep using air conditioner and traveling by toxic vehicles, which burns enough CO2 to melt 12% of the ice in the north pole per decade... I keep doing that as much as I keep eating meat. But just imagine our race wouldn't have achieved consciousness, if we would have been creatures of not intelligence, nobody will question killing the pray. My salvation; I did not create this, I was born in here, under this conditions, I did not choose to be in a human sperm rather than in a horse sperm... my only hope, my tranquility and relief, is that we, as specie, will later perish and will leave this planet to its original owner, nature. We weren't here always, and we won't be... death will do the justice for us. In 500 years, this planet will keep existing in this solar system, will manage its atmosphere and will allow new species to emerge, as always, the ultimate authority. This planet gives the conditions, and will ever have the last word. For us time is slow, but we're just a second.

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